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It´s time for everyone to be able to mine bitcoin again!




Mine = Accumulating Bitcoins

The idea is to accumulate Bitcoins and be prepared in case any of these price expectaions of recognized people comes true!

Year Price of 1 bitcoin
2022 $ 100.000
2027 $ 1.000.000
2030 $ 500.000
2030 $ 500.000
2037 $ 1.000.000

Anthony Pompliano


Wences - CEO - XAPO

Wences Casares


Jeremy - Partner - Lightspeed Ventures

Jeremy Liew

Partner - Lightspeed Ventures

Twins - Funders Gemini

Twins Winklevoss

Funders Gemini

Palihapitiya - CEO - SOCIAL CAPITAL

C. Palihapitiya


How does it work


An investor acquires LMT tokens


With the LMT tokens, the investor buys Hashrate (TH/s) on the Libreminer.com platform


THE BITCOINS mined by the company is delivered daily to all customers for 36 MONTHS


ALL LMT acquired by the company through the sale of mining equipment will be 100% burned, ensuring a deflationary system

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Clean and renewable of the planet

Itaipu´s installed capacity (power) is 14 gigawatts (GW). There are 20 generating units of 700 megawatts (MW) each. Energy cost USD 0,045 KW/h.


2020 - lst/ 2nd Semester

Complete elaboration of the project as a study of the implementation of the mining company LibreMiner in a strategic location

2021 - 2nd Semester

LibreMiner Token lauch on NFXTrade exchange.

2022 - 2nd Semester

Mobile application tha syncs with the website version with real-time monitoring of minig.

2021 - lst Semester

Beginning of the works of the mining company LibreMiner in Santa Rosa del Monday - Paraguay

2022 - lst Semester

Airdrop for registration in Pool LibreMiner. Listed on large Exchanges / BankCex.

2023 - lst Semester

Creation of hardware ledger for greater security in the storage of clients crypto assets

Frequentyl Asked questions

How long is my hosting contract?

Our Equipment Hosting Agreement is for 36 months. Contracts are generated automatically after the machine has joined.

Can I send my personal miners directly to a LibreMiner hosting facility?

Yes, you can host your mining equipment at our facility, contact [email protected] for more information. The cost of sending the equipment to our facilities is borne entirely by the customer.

What is my return on investment (ROI)?

LibreMiner does not guarantee a return on investment (ROI). There are many factors at play when considering what your potential ROI will be, especially as time stretches into the future.

Your calculation of your ROI should include factors such as the difficulty/adjustment factor, the price of bitcoin. All these factors are variables. We recommend using the calculator (Bitcoin mining Calculator) that is present on our website to project your hosting by leasing a miner.

If in 36 months you don't make a profit, the company extends your contract, leaving you hosted on the equipment until you achieve an ROI of 200%. That is, the sum of mined bitcoins in your wallet will be the basis of this calculation projection.

How to be a Manager?

Anyone who takes the Bitcoin Mining course on our platform is able to work as a Manager and be rewarded for their work.

What are the fees related to mining?

Hosting Fee

When purchasing Hashrate through LibreMiner, you will need to pay a hosting fee to each miner. The hosting fee is included not only an IT specialist + installation security, customer service and monitoring. You will start receiving invoices on your dashboard.

Cost of Energy Consumed by Your Equipment:

Approximate cost to run the S19 Pro 95 TH/s (3.25kW to $0.042/kWh)

- 3.25 kW/h * 24 hours * $0.062/kWh = $3.27 / day

- 3.25 kW/h * 24 hours * 31 days * $0.062/kWh = $101.55 / month

Actual monthly hosting values ​​will fluctuate slightly depending on the days of the month and also if there is any extended maintenance on the premises . If there is any maintenance that results in prolonged downtime for your miners and they are not consuming energy, a downtime credit will be applied.


All equipment in our facilities is insured against theft/fire. The insurance represents an average of 1% of the value mined per year.

What is hashrate?

Hashrate is one of the most commonly referenced metrics in bitcoin mining. But what is this?

As the term suggests, the Bitcoin network hashrate is simply the estimated rate of the total hashes generated by all active mining machines. Called hashing, the process of generating hashes is the main job of miners.

What is a hash?

Hashes are sequences of numbers and letters used to encrypt data.

Any kind of raw information – such as passwords, poems or simple letters – can be hashed using specific hashing algorithms. The Bitcoin protocol uses the SHA-256 hash algorithm.

All hashes are unique, like fingerprints. Two pieces of data do not generate the same hash. And there is no way to “unlock” a hash to know what data it contains. Only by re-entering the exact same information into the hash algorithm and generating an identical replicated hash can the data behind the first hash be verified.

How to measure hashrate

Hashrate (sometimes called hash power) is an estimate of the total amount of computing activity bitcoin miners spend working to add new blocks to the network. This task requires miners to encrypt the data into hashes and combine it with a portion of the encrypted data in the new block, called the nonce. Finding an encrypted match resolves the block.

The hashrate is measured using the base unit of hashes per second (h/s).

The metric itself is extrapolated from the speed at which new blocks are added to the blockchain, see the current Bitcoin hashrate.

How can I pay for my miner and hosting?

To contract our products the only way to acquire the LibreMiner Token (utility token), currently listed on the exchange: https://exchange.nfxtrade.com/pt/trade/pro/LMT/BTC

In Relação Hospedagem/Energia and debited directly to the your panel inside the POOL. you don't need to send money to the company.

How to be a Franchisee?

sales are under analysis. contact via email [email protected]

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